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Literacy in California colleges varies from one school to the next, which is why it's important to have a firm understanding of a college's overall quality standards and specialties before becoming a student. Also, the types of literacy programs offered at CA institutes of higher education can determine whether or not you'll be able to obtain the skills needed to start a career. At CALiteracy.org we make it easier to find the college literacy programs you're looking for. We provide users with state-wide California literacy rates and statistics as well as detailed information on literacy programs at nearly every college in California. Is California the best place to further your education? Find out now.

Get California Literacy Rates & Statistics

Start your search by first seeing how California literacy rates and programs compare to other states. CALiteracy.org's comprehensive literacy database is second to none. We've compiled an extensive amount of data on literacy programs at California colleges, giving us the ability to create the state-wide statistics seen here. You can find information on:

  • Total Student Population
  • Faculty at California Colleges
  • Total Number of CA Literacy Programs
  • Top Literacy Programs in California
  • The literacy level you achieve greatly impacts your ability to land a job after college. The fellow students, faculty members and literacy programs at your school will all influence how and what you learn. The information here on CALiteracy.org gives you a good idea of what you can expect to find at colleges in California and how their literacy programs compare to schools in other states.

    You can also use this information to gauge how a specific California college compares to the state as a whole.

Search for Literacy Rates & Programs at California Colleges

CALiteracy.org can help you determine if a California college offers the literacy programs related to your major and interests.

  • Use the interactive state map to get more information on literacy programs at the top 100 colleges in California with the highest student population.
  • Explore the top 10 college lists for information on what's popular at California colleges today.
  • Or search for a specific college to get details on their faculty, students, literacy programs and more.
  • After reviewing the information found here, you may find that California isn't the best option for your field of study. If so, check out our list of the top 10 states near California. It's a quick and easy way to compare literacy programs across an entire region.

By The Numbers

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  • Total Schools: 494
  • Total Students: 1,490,195
  • Undergraduate Students: 352,875
  • Total Faculty: 60,041
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 25:1